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My Philosophy

Although the concept of change is difficult for many of us to consider,  I choose to look at change as an "opportunity" to re-imagine, and re-prioritize what we want.  

It's an opportunity to re-examine our path in life, make positive changes, and experience personal healing.


Although this is typically not an easy time, it is an opportunity filled with the potential of great personal power. 


As we move forward through our lives, we learn that life is not always fair.  We face challenges and obstacles on a daily basis.  Some of these we overcome; some of these, we come short. 

It's the moments of our life experience, which create, and then reinforce, not only our belief system and values, but also shape our "automatic thoughts." 


Some of our automatic thoughts may lead us to create barriers for ourselves, which prevent us from finding a sense of satisfaction and personnel happiness.


Additionally, some of our automatic thoughts may lead us to feel anxious, afraid, sad, stressed, depressed, unsatisfied, desperate, angry and alone.

We can find ourselves trapped in a dead-end job or stuck in unhappy, or unhealthy, relationship.   


Even when we know things in our lives are just not working and we say that we want a change...It may be the fear, embarrassment or sadness that keeps us from moving forward.  It's our automatic thoughts that keep us from creating a life that we so deeply know we deserve.  

Through authentic, honest and caring conversation and reflection, one can problem-solve, face life challenges, and find contentment and success.


You can grow, make positive changes in Your life, and find personnel happiness. 

What You Can Expect

I provide Therapy and Coaching services both In-person (Palm Springs) and On-line (throughout California).

Successful online counseling is about chemistry, intuition, listening and trust. 


It’s ok to feel awkward or anxious before your first session.   


However, over the course of the session, we should build a trusting, professional relationship.  I’m here to help, support and guide you.  With your input, we will create an emotionally healthy space for you to discuss your troubles, fears, and goals.   


During the first session we will discuss what brings you into counseling and develop short- and long-term goals. Together, we will identify and build upon your strengths.  We will find opportunities for you to improve your situation.


Homework will be assigned between sessions.


Most important, you will need to decide if I am the right therapist for you. The success of our work depends upon mutual comfort and trust.


Ask any questions about the work we will do together. Some questions you may wish to ask me include: 

  • What is my general therapeutic approach? 

  • What are the goals of treatment? 

  • What is expected the length of the treatment? 

  • When and how can I be contacted during a crisis? 

If you have questions or think this might be the right solution for you, please call me, send me an email, or fill out the form below.  I will contact you within 24 hours, and we can schedule an introductory appointment.   I look forward to hearing from you!



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