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Workplace Wellness Consulting


Increasing workplace productivity through focusing on the mental

well-being of employees.


How many times have you, as a CEO, business owner or manager, scratched your head and said, “Jeeze, sometimes I feel like I’m a babysitter… why can't people just act like adults and get along and focus on our business needs?"  

In addition, due to Covid, the workforce is now filled with people who are anxious about doing their job in the workplace.  This anxiety can add to mistrust, disagreement and a lack of focus.  

Dysfunctional teams decrease productivity, cause employee relations risk, create customer service problems, and ultimately cost the organization money.  


Often, the reason for staff disagreement and dysfunction is based in the organization’s system design.  For systems to be fixed, it’s important to identify the underlying causes, competing motivations and differing communication styles of the Teammates who are working together.


Teams that operate with a common goal and shared values communicate better, have greater alignment and create a more satisfying working environment.  This typically results in a higher bottom line


I help Business Leaders to assess and identify interpersonal conflicts within their business units, triage and improve patterns of communication between departments and build trust among team members.

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